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Countryside Events marquees are of modular construction based on sizes from 1.8m walkways, 3m, 6m, 9m or 12m and 15mtr widths in stock at all times with the length made up of 3m bays.

Using recommended partners for larger marquees we can provide marquees 20m and 25m wide so the size of your event is never going to be a problem.

We use an aluminium base with aluminium uprights and timber cross beams and the result is an integral structure, perfectly rigid and extremely strong. Pitched roofs look more elegant and provide a practical choice, given the British weather.

Our smallest marquee layout accommodates up to 40 seated guests - and there is virtually no limit to how big the structure can be.

Pagodas are an increasingly popular choice for smaller and more informal events. They use a similar construction to our marquees, and make ideal spaces for garden parties or children's parties and perfect places to serve drinks or light snacks.